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Rover - Foldable wayfarer sunglasses

Rover - Foldable wayfarer sunglasses

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Wolt foldable sunglasses with blue lenses and our leather case.


Our folding wayfarer sunglasses

Rover is our interpretation of the iconic Wayfarers which we had to include in our Eclipse series. These frames are a classic and versatile since both men and women can wear them. We have made it possible for you to customize your own pair of Wayfarers by creating four different frame colors for you to choose from. The Wayfarers come in rose gold, gold, gun metal and black frames which makes it easy for you to match your new sunglasses to the jewelry you usually wear and to your personal style. All of the frames include grey lenses, however, you can also add a lens in a different color if you would like, we have lenses in seven different colors, including a pair of computer lenses. This allows you to customize your wayfarer sunglasses even further in order to make them match your personal style perfectly. No matter if you are planning to use your new glasses out in the sun or inside while using the computer, our wayfarer sunglasses are the perfect choice for you. The sunglasses are designed to be light weight, they weigh only 15 g, which makes them comfortable to wear on your face. Furthermore, the sunglasses fold down to only 2 cm, which makes it incredibly easy to bring them with you anywhere you go. Even though the sunglasses are light weight and able to be folded to 2 cm they are still very sturdy and they are designed to not be fragile.

Foldable wayfarer sunglasses with GPS

This retro style of frames has been worn by legens such as JFK and Bob Dylan. The classic wayfarer sunglasses are always in fashion, they are a pair of frames worth investing in. When you purchase your Wayfarers from us you also get a sunglasses case with a built in Bluetooth device that acts as an anti-lost function which eliminates the issue of losing your sunglasses.

*All Rover models come with grey lenses. You can also buy additional lenses.
All our different color of the frame for Rover Foldable sunglasses.
Specs on our folding wayfarer model Rover.
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